Ring-pull bowl

Ring-pull bowl's cable ties Ring-Pull Bowl
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I've finally managed to finish my ring-pull bowl, consisting of 164 ring-pulls and 286 cable ties.

After being inspired by Carlos Montana's "A La Lata" Candy Bowl and realising that I had a draw full of ring-pulls left over from a previous project I set about trying to make my own version of his ring-pull bowl. So using a photo of the "A La Lata" bowl as a reference I began attaching all the ring-pulls together until I reached the point that the original bowl ended. At this point it was quite obvious that my bowl was turning out to be much larger than the original, either due to the size of the cable-ties or a difference in ring-pull design.

A few ring-pulls later I'd completed the bowl, and as I'd suspected it was both larger and more "colourful" than the "A La Lata" Candy Bowl, but it certainly is a curious object to behold.

Want to make your own?

If you fancy making your own ring-pull bowl then I've written a brief list of the materials used (see below) and taken a number of photos that can be used as a reference. The photos can be found on my Flickr account.