Character Copy

Example of login process

Character Copy is a lightweight KeePass plugin that integrates into KeePass' entry menu and allows users to securely copy individual characters from an entry's protected string fields, such as the Password field.

The plugin provides the basic functionality provided by the PICKCHARS placeholder, however it does so on all entries (without modifying the password database) and with a lightweight interface.


Download the latest release at GitHub.

You must have KeePass version 2.18 or higher in order to use this plugin.


  1. Right-click on an entry to bring up its context menu.

    Character Copy menu items
  2. Hover over the "Copy Character(s)" item to show the entry's protected fields.

  3. Click on the protected field you want to copy characters from.

  4. Use the window that appears to provide the position of the character you want to copy.

    Window for selecting a character to copy
  5. Click on the button to copy the character to the clipboard.

  6. When you've finished copying characters just close the window.