ContentCapture is a Fiddler extension that automatically exports sessions (downloaded/uploaded files) based upon the Content-Type defined in their HTTP headers.

This means the extension can be configured to automatically export all images, videos, JSON etc to a configurable directory for further analysis.


Latest version (1.0)

You must have Fiddler version or higher in order to use this extension.


Download the latest version of the extension and then extract the DLL, named 'ContentCapture.dll', into either of the two directories:

  • %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Fiddler2\Scripts\
  • %ProgramFiles%\Fiddler2\Scripts\

Usage Instructions

When ContentCapture is installed you will find its menu as part of Fiddler's main-menu. Before you can use it though you must provide a directory where all the captured files will be saved, which is possible in the extension's options.

Capturing files based upon rules

ContentCapture's menu Now the Save Directory has been provided you can start capturing files based upon the default rules. Open the ContentCapture menu and then check the rules you want to capture. e.g. If you check Flash (SWF/FLV) then all files passing through Fiddler with the content-type of 'application/x-shockwave-flash' or 'video/x-flv' will be saved locally.

Define your own rules

If you want to define your own rules then open the extension's options and click the tab titled 'Rules Editor'. Here you are able to add a new rule and provide the content-types of the files you want captured when the rule is enabled.

ContentCapture's options form

Known Bugs

  • When downloading many files with the same name in a short period of time Fiddler will sometimes throw a read access error.